The MCA Letter

The letter came today, a child is due for MCA testing . . . the only call to action seems to be

It is very important to have your child at school on these dates and to ensure that they are well rested.  Also, please make sure your child eats a nutritious breakfast before  the tests.

I’m not sure if I find that more offensive or wasteful. . .

  1. I usually send my children to school on school days.
  2. I try to have my children well rested on school days (yes, occasional  unavoidable schedule conflict can happen).
  3. My children usually do eat a  nutritious breakfast everyday.  Not salmon & blueberries, but I consider toast & cereal to be a nutritious breakfast (believe me, other ‘treats’ are few and far between – just ask said children).
  4. When the school district is cutting teachers and classes I don’t need a letter mailed with first-class postage to tell me to put my child to bed at a reasonable hour, feed them breakfast and send them to school on a school day.
  5. If I was a parent that does not usually send their children to bed at a reasonable hour, feed them breakfast, or send them to school on a school day, would this letter really make a difference?  Would I have even opened the letter?
  6. Let’s just say I was apt to pick and choose which school days to observe, wouldn’t it be better to send them to school on a learning day?

The letter implies that the testing days are the most important school days of the whole year (in 10 years so far I don’t recall a letter to request sleep, breakfast, & attendance on a non-testing day).  I have to admit, that when my children did miss some school to visit overseas grandparents I was happy (shhhh) that they missed some testing days (not planned, just worked out that way) because it made for less catch-up work.


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  1. My sentiments exactly. People don’t realize how much time the teachers spend just teaching the kids how to ‘test’ in preparation for these tests. Our children are over-tested. Let’s make more of an effort to promote the importance of education for our children. Perhaps then will people quit voting down funding necessary for the task.

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