Great Northern Bar and Grill

Last night we went out to eat without the kids, quite a treat!    About a week ago we got to day 18 in The Love Dare which demanded a special dinner, my birthday is coming up, and hubby had recently won a gift certificate to the nearby Great Northern Bar & Grill.

We started with Nachos which looked huge.  3-color corn chips, lettuce, tomato, cheese, olives, & green chili peppers with salsa & sour cream on the side.  I think there was some seasoned ground beef in there too, but not much.  They were pretty good, but I guess I prefer the kind where the cheese is melty.

Both the entrees were great. I had sirloin steak and hubby had deep fried walleye.  The steak itself was perfect, the special included “onions, mushrooms, & cheese” on it . . . lots of onions and not so much mushrooms and I might skip that another time.  The walleye had a thin batter rather than the thick batter I anticipated, but it was really good nonetheless.  Both were served with their crispy tasty waffle fries, mixed veg (overcooked & mushy carrots, broccoli & cauli), and awesome soft buttery dinner rolls.  I wonder how they make them like that – dip them in butter before they reheat them???

The best part was the chocolate layer cake for dessert.  Actually there was so little cake that I wondered at first if I had the wrong thing . . . lots of layers of creamy fillings and fabulous ganache on top.  Went nicely with a Kahlua and Cream 🙂  Hubby had a raspberry cheesecake that I’m sure was good too, but mine was SO good that I didn’t even try his.

The atmosphere was nice – it’s lovely to hide in those huge booths, and we were there early enough that it wasn’t too rowdy.  The place has sure changed since we had our wedding reception there when it was the VFW.

The only down side was the service.  Competent, polite, and efficient but I felt rushed.  The entrees came out before we were 1/2 done with the appetizer, the waitress took hubby’s plate and seemed to want to bring the bill before I was done eating.  At that point we ordered dessert and that also came before I was done with my entree.  I have to admit, the waitress also lost points for carding hubby (then gushing about how young he looks) and not me!


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