The Laptop LCD

Does this guy get a Neutral or Negative ebay feedback rating?

You might know that I had an unfortunate incident with my laptop screen in January . . . I reached for something and the laptop shifted and bumped against the edge of the coffee table . . .

With some guidance from one of my favorite techies I found a replacement on ebay.  The listing read:

Screen Specification


Size : 15.4″

Resolution : WXGA (1280 x 800 Pixels)

Condition : Brand New, Direct from manufacture 100% COMPATIBLE

• Replacement LCD Screen Display (Liquid Crystal Display)

• LCD Screen used on this laptop model could be from different manufacturers. For most of models, the lcd screens are compatible with each other.

• By purchasing a compatible screen, we are able to offer your the lowest price product.

• Please make sure the size and resolution from your original LCD screen before you make the purchase.

Perfect!  Good price, purchased, arrived quickly, was well packaged, awesome!

Same techie got all set up to install it for me but the screw holes where the brackets from the old screen had to go onto the new screen didn’t line up 😦

I thought perhaps they had sent the wrong item . . . or I had read the listing wrong . . . but after several emails and phone calls (including one from my techie to the seller) they said that I did have the right screen but it required some ‘modifications’ to fit my laptop.

Why did the listing not mention modifications? Because people that buy replacement LCD screens know that they will need modifications.

Were the instructions about the ‘modifications’ missing from my package? No, most people who buy LCD screens know what the modifications are.

Could I get the instructions? No, they didn’t have an electronic copy at the moment, couldn’t scan them, and had explained them to my friend on the phone.

So here you go: screw holes that don’t match and connecting wires that are too long

Screw holes that don't match

It took two pieces of tape to replace the screws and another piece to hold the loop of extra wire in place

All taped together

The other bracket had a tab, but the new LCD didn’t have a hole to put the tab in so it had to be bent out of the way.  It also had screw holes that didn’t match and the whole bracket had to be taped on

The other bracket had similar problems

The good news is the replacement LCD does in fact work despite being held together with tape . . .

So do they get neutral or negative feedback??



  1. I would definitely put negative – I think all too often people are scared to put negative feedback but unless you do it doesn’t really give a clear indication to other buyers. I ALWAYS read negative feedback on a seller before I buy something from them. Not mentioning the need for modification is very misleading.

  2. Akk! I am dealing well with 140 characters on Twitter but 80 characters to clarify a feedback rating?

    Since it does actually work I went w/ neutral in the end and “listing omitted needed modifications and no instructions initially provided”.

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