You Should Try Firefox

When I began thinking about starting a blog a few weeks ago this was going to be my first post . . . followed by some other web tools I love . . . a few other things got in the way, but here it is:

firefoxI gave up Internet Explorer a year ago, maybe more.  I had read about Firefox as an alternate browser in a few places, and figured “it’s free so why not”? Here is why I have kept it as my primary browser:

🙂 I like to have lots of tabs open (I have 6 right now) and with Firefox I can easily open a link in a new tab (especially great when a page has lots of links I want to check out without losing my place) and move tabs around.

🙂 I can start typing any part of a web address *or page name* in the address bar to return to a page I’ve visited before. firefox-address-bar

🙂 I can customize my search options.  There are 231 search add-ons available.  Here are the ones I use:

Firefox search options

Firefox search options

🙂 It remembers my passwords (I also have another tool I use for passwords . . . but that is a post for another day).

🙂 Searching page text is so easy.

Firefox Find

Firefox Find

🙂 The add-ons are awesome.  The ones I use daily at home and at work are Adblock (what ads on the side of Facebook?), Delicious (more about that one another day), and Twitterfox.  I also use some of the more basic functions of Firebug and Colorzilla when working on the church website.

Have you tried Firefox?



  1. I’ve wondered about Firefox as I’ve noticed that this is all they use in the classrooms at school but I’ve never bothered to try it. Might give it a go now – so can I just download it from somewhere??

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