The Starbucks Video

So the church council is getting ready to study the effectiveness of many existing committees. One of the committees I’ve served on is officially know as the Evangelism/Outreach committee, it has been inactive for some time.

As I was getting together some history of the committee for the new council member that has been assigned (and is now essentially the only member of) the committee, I came across this video I had bookmarked last November. It looks at the experience of a new visitor to a church, and some of the barriers that churches often unwittingly put in front of those visitors. I hope you will take five minutes to check it out.

What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church

What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church

Funny? Sure! But I’ll bet that there are parts of it that ring true to churches you have attended.

It so happens that my other task for the evening was to come up with devotion for this morning’s staff meeting. I’m thinking I might just show this video instead.

Think about churches you have attend as a member or as a visitor: What do they do (or not do) to make visiting comfortable.


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