A Tale of Two Facebook Groups

I joined the original ‘Buffalo Minnesota’ Facebook group a long time ago.  It seemed a likely place to catch up with people I had known years ago and lost touch with. It turned out to be fairly quiet and I kind of forgot about it . . . until this past January.

In response to a plea for group members to post links, I posted to my local church’s group; and it was removed as offensive.  About the same time the owner sent out an inbox message relating to his own business that attracted a bit of a revolt by group members.  You can see some of the resulting discussion on the wall.

Someone started a second ‘Buffalo Minnesota’ group using the exact same name and a photo from the album of the first group as the picture. I was ready to revolt myself and had also been tempted to start a competing group, but really felt that one good group could better serve the community than two competing groups and decided to do what I could to help shape the original group into one that would do just that. A handful of people left the original group, quite a few people joined the new group, and for a while both had a bit of discussion and were about the same size.

And now?  Almost three months later?  The original group has 354 members and the newer group has 919 members.  The newer group has more activity and more recent activity. The newer group seems to have more potential to survive and thrive and be the group this community can really use.

So, although I do appreciate the changes eventually made to the original group, it may have been too-little, too-late; and although I was not really comfortable with the way the newer group got started, *that* has become *my* Buffalo, Minnesota group.


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