BryanJohn’s Grillworks

Last night we had a wonderful meal at the newish BryanJohn’s GrillWorks at the not-so-new ‘new’ (Wild Marsh) golfcourse.There were eight of us, including children from 8 to 14. We expected it to be good based on past experience at BJ’s Deli, and were not disappointed.

We started with the basket of bread (white and wheat, I particularly liked the wheat) and sharing Bruchetta and Spicy Schezwan Green Beans, both very flavorful. The green beans were about the spiciest thing I’ve eaten in a long time (I’m usually not one for really spicy food), but were strangely good. After that we all needed more bread. A couple of people had the creamy tomato soup which was smooth and sweet.

Atlantic Salmon Filet

Atlantic Salmon Filet

For entrees the adults had Canadian Camp Style Walleye (pan fried, served with tartar sauce & lemon), Atlantic Salmon Filet (grilled & topped with lemon zest maitre d’butter), St. Louis Style BBQ Ribs (‘fall off the bone tender’, with house BBQ sauce), and Grilled Pork Chops (bone in center cut chops with sauteed granny smith apples & shallots).

Mine was the salmon, which was amazing. It was just a touch crispy on the outside and perfectly melt-in-the mouth tender inside. I wish I could cook salmon like that. It was served with Red, White and Blue Potatoes (red potatoes with white onions and blue cheese) that were nice and creamy and not overly blue-cheesy, and asparagus & green beans. I was amused that hubby liked the apple with his pork chops. If I do that at home he thinks it odd, but he said the onions make all the difference.

The kids had chicken strips (children’s menu), fettuchini alfredo (children’s menu), and two cheeseburger (main menu).

Although we were entirely stuffed, we shared four desserts . . . I can’t remember the names, but three chocolate cakes (yummy), and a caramel apple cheesecake (reportedly yummy too, although I didn’t try it).

The dining room itself is pleasant and being mid-week was quite peaceful, and the waitress was friendly and helpful. The only thumbs-down of the whole evening was someone in kitchen staff uniform smoking directly outside a full length window on at least two separate occasions during the time we were there.

Overall, not usually a place that would be in our budget, especially for an evening meal, but highly recommended for a special treat.


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