A Wedding Cheesecake

When my sister-in-law announced her “three weeks from now in your backyard” wedding, I immediately thought of making cheesecakes for this informal affair.  Later, as I pondered the possibilities, I decided maybe cheesecakes could be made into a more traditional wedding cake.

Wedding Cheesecake

Wedding Cheesecake

The first layer was Turtle (groom’s request). I used graham crackers for the base. I put 1/2 the caramel on the base, and mixed the other 1/2 with a portion of the batter. I also mixed chocolate into another portion of the batter, and left a third portion plain, then marbled the three varieties in the pan.

The middle layer was Very Berry (chosen for the purple color).  I made it with frozen blueberries in the batter and fresh blueberries on top. I didn’t have cherry brandy, so I used a mixture of Kirsch and orange juice.

The top layer was Chocolate Cappaccino (my personal favorite cheesecake). I use strong instant coffee in place of liqueur, and oreo cookies in the base. I add the coffee in step 4 instead of step 5, as otherwise I have had the chocolate mixture seize up. I topped it with ganache instead of whipped cream.

All layers were frosted on the sides with Cream Cheese Frosting (plain, plain with purple food coloring, and chocolate). I used lots of purple fondant flowers, a few chocolate leaves, and a purchased cake topper chosen by the bride and groom to finish the cake.

I was glad that the day was not too hot, and that the reception was in my home.  Even so, I didn’t assemble the layers until just before photos, and immediately took them down again because I was afraid they might collapse.  It was a wonderful honor and a fun challenge to create this cake for a special couple, but I’m in no hurry to make a habit of cake decorating.

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