A New Theme

Fjords04 Theme

Before ...

Today’s project is not so much a post as a new look. I’d been using Fjords04 … I liked the split header and the 4 columns. I had my Twitter feed in the 2nd column, delicious feed in the 3rd column, and the usual blog stuff in the 4th column.

Well I don’t use delicious any more (have switched to Diigo, but that’s a different story), and I think I want a wider content column. I’m contemplating things like recipes and crafts, and although I’m mostly taking low quality iPod photos, I aspire to do better someday.

In the time that has passed I have managed to customize a theme for work, so I’m sure finding a theme I’m happy with as-is in the ‘free’ category will be somewhat of a struggle.

So if I loose the delicious column, but maybe want to keep the twitter column … that’s 3 columns … plus keep the photo header … only 24 choices, and maybe only half of them free … yikes!

I’m finding myself rejecting a lot of potential themes based on font, or more specifically font spacing.

For now I’ve settled on trying out Vigilance by The Theme Foundry. After I picked it I realized that sounded familiar for some reason … The Theme Foundry … sure enough, turns out I’ve built the church site on another Theme Foundry theme (Titan).

Well, tweaking the details will have to wait until another time … this is apparently NOT one of those days I’ll be getting to work early!

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