College Decisions

Last night on the ABC drama Parenthood, Haddie got accepted to a prestigious college, and her parents were concerned at the cost.

It’s a dilemmas that feels familiar right now. Child #1 has been accepted into a couple of private liberal arts colleges and we are starting the financial aid routine for the first time.

About a year ago my sister-in-law gave us a book titled Debt Free U. it made a lot of sense. There are ways to get a good college education and not be left crushed with debt.

My husband and I don’t have college debt (we went technical school, we were married and independent and he was in the National Guard); that’s maybe part of the reason we’ve avoided financial emergencies for 20 years. Its one of the factors that will hopefully help us avoid tuition loans when our own kids go to college.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed when Haddie’s parents gave in so easily.

Meanwhile, we have a visit to one of those private liberal arts colleges next week, including an audition for a music scholarship and an interview for an academic scholarship. Plus I have the FAFSA on my to-do list. The following week we visit a public liberal arts college for another academic scholarship interview.

We strongly suggested applying to a traditional 4-year state school, which was met with much resistance. I can see where a small school, and particularly a church school would be a good fit for this particular child.

I hope we haven’t given in too easily.

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