Verifying Pinterest on a WordPress Site

Here’s how I went about verifying a Pinterest page that is connected to a website. I couldn’t figure out where to upload the file provided by Pinterest, so went looking and found  this Hubspot blog post. A comment by Ryan Shell on this post was my starting point, but either didn’t spell it out clearly enough or didn’t get me all the way there.

Just to clarify … this wasn’t on the site that you are reading this post … it was on a site I manage at work.

This is what I ended up doing:

  1. List your website in your profile at (you’ve probably already done this)
  2. Go to 
  3. Download the file provide by Pinterest
  4. Upload the file to WordPress using the media upload button (I’m not sure this is necessary … the instructions I started with said included this and I had done it, but I never attached the file to anything)
  5. Open the file provided by Pinterest in a text editor and copy the contents
  6. Create this NEW page
    1. Name = the file name from pinterest
    2. Switch to HTML editing and paste the contents of the file provided by Pinterest into the body of the page (again, not entirely sure if this part is really necessary, but it is what I did)
  7. Create a redirection from source URL = /filenamefrompinterest.html to target URL = your new page  (I use the Redirection plugin)
  8. Go back to and click “Click here to complete the process”
  9. Copy the code number/letter string from the red error message
  10. Paste the code number in to your new page and update the page – I just put it right at the top before all the html stuff, I suspect it might be the only part that is really needed
  11. Go back to again and click “Click here to complete the process”

All I can say is it worked for me. I’m no expert and I just muddled through. If it didn’t work for you, I have no idea why 🙂

PS: after I got this all posted I also found a link further down the comments to a very similar solution by Annie S. If mine doesn’t help you, perhaps hers will.



  1. Thanks for the work around but for those who use an ftp client, it might be faster to upload through that.

    To upload a file to your WordPress server, you just need to use your ftp program (I use FileZilla), find your blog’s main folder (in my main folder I can see all error code files as well as the wp-adminwp-content subfolders) and add the Pinterest file there. I’m not a techy person either trust me, but it’s a pretty quick process to do through ftp.

  2. That’s great if it worked for you Dawn. Like I said, I’m no expert, this is just what worked for me when I couldn’t get that to work (I did try FTP in one location, but must have picked the wrong folder) 🙂

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