Notes on Building a Tribe

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Echo Conference in Dallas. What a wonderful week! Now, after a week of catch-up, perhaps I can find time to go through my notes … here’s the first breakout session I attended:

Communication Track > Building a Tribe > Jon Acuff

Everyone can communicate. Everyone has something to say. But not everyone has a tribe that will listen to them. In this Q&A session with Jon Acuff, we’ll explore how he was able to successfully build his tribe with Stuff Christians Like and apply that to you building your own tribe.
To be a leader you must have:
  • Ideas worth sharing
  • An audience to share them with
  • The ability to share

“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.” ~ Dorothy Parker

Broca’s area bounces out the ideas that the brain can’t process

Build good bridges / avoid segregating ideas

  • Jesus jerks
  • Booty-God-Booty / fracturing our lives
  • Drive by Jesus
Time = love … Who do you spend time with … What non-Christians do you spend your time with?
Creativity funnel has 3 parts
  1. Imagine  – > Quantity of ideas must be deliberately fed by many sources. This is like the time a cow spends chewing the cud before producing milk (got to love a dairy example)
  2. Capture the better ideas
  3. Execute -> Time now to tune out the distractions of the imagine phase and go for Quality
To build a community -> Clarity / Consistency / Core values
Satire vs mockery ( to cause change or to cause a wound)
Choosing the right vehicle

Finding small gaps between where you are and what you need to do

  • Ask ‘What is a reason we might want to change this?’
  • Rate it 1-10 … Why didn’t you choose a higher number?
What is the motive (not the mafia)
Using the wrong way to communicate blocks someone from using the right one
Think about how to put my idea in the language of the audience

A few links of interest:

Where I’m doing OK

  • I see a big part of my communication ministry as building bridges between Sunday and the rest of the week

What I can work on

  • Creating space for imagining

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