Notes on Building Your Brand Identity

Notes from breakout session #6 at Echo 2013

Foundations Track > Building Your Brand Identity > David Chapman

How do you approach your ministry’s identity design? This session will explore a process to discover what your brand is, how to sell your creative ideas to the client and what key elements you need to successfully communicate the brand design to others on your team. While this session deals with graphic design, it’s not just for designers. Anyone in the creative field or who deals with a creative team will gain new approaches to problem solving and communication strategies.

Dave is creative director for RT Creative Group

Brand vs identity

  • Branding isn’t something you design / it is what your people think about you / emotions and feelings / entirely on the minds of the audience /
  • Brand identity design is what you can touch / set of signals that identifies the brand

Logo > Main purpose is identification / rarely explains anything / must become familiar to the audience in order to “work”

The process

  • More problem solving than art
  • Know who you are > what do you offer / what is your brand promise
  • Know the target audience
  • embrace where you are / location and more / limitations / where you want to go
  • Get feedback
  • Create a standards or style guide > how to use and how to not use > lots of examples
  • Make the most of what you have (what default font could blend well)
  • Don’t rush the problem solving process

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