Notes on Social Media Part 2

Notes from breakout session #5 at Echo 2013

Communication Track > Mastering Social Media: Part 2 > Justin Wise

Many churches are feeling the pain of getting social media to work for them. Some even go to the trouble of investing resources to build a social media strategy. While this is helpful, the real value is having a plan in place for your all of your online content: web, social, and email. Starting with social is good, but backing up the bus to build a content strategy with all of these components is better. Learn how to increase church membership, increase revenue, and build a more effective website using the content you’re already creating.

Success is not measuring retweets / likes / shares

Success is building a bigger online audience and influencing them to take action.

  • Numbers do matter.
  • Geography doesn’t (as in “the geographical limits previously holding back a church’s mission is no longer an obstacle.”)

Social media strategy is the tip of a pyramid is based on what your church is all about (link below)
Big idea (local expression of the gospel) > content strategy (how you tell the story online) > email strategy (the single most effective way to engage people and drive them to online content) > social strategy

Create better stuff by knowing your audience and what they want.

  • Survey the audience to find out what channels they use and “what else would you like to tell us about?”
  • Sunday morning content is a huge source of original content in the congregation.
  • Each content piece is a relational contact point is an opportunity to build trust > Trust builds builders builds loyalty / loyalty builds results
  • Provide opportunities for online audience to commit
  • Call to action answers the question “what’s in it for me”

Justin’s weekly content schedule includes 3 blog posts / 84 tweets / 30 minute podcast / 2 eblasts

Content strategy includes balancing the organization’s needs with the audience’s needs > such as the 4-1-1 rule (link below)

A few links of interest

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