Pinterest and the Interest Graph

If you don’t ‘get’ Pinterest, or if you love Pinterest but you’re not sure why, or if you’re just fascinated by the way networks work, you might enjoy this video in which Pinterest Co-Founder and CEO Ben Silberman discusses The Interest Graph at a Pinterest partner event.

The Interest Graph


If you don’t have 15 minutes to spare (you can skip the last 3), or your internet can’t handle video (I feel your pain), here are the highlights:

  • Great products give us a magical experience
  • Pinterest is about the questions that you can’t ask Google
  • Pinterest is less about searching and more about discovery
  • Collections are a way of organizing and making sense of the world around us and tell a lot about who you are
  • Pinterest puts our collections on the internet
  • The magic of Pinterest is the way your thing becomes linked to other things
  • Organizing the world’s objects in the way that makes sense to us can also be meaningful to others
  • Pinterest helps us organize things by interest and lets a single product travel through a network of interests and passions
  • The best way to discover things you love is through people who share your interests
  • Unlike many other social networks, which connect you to people you know, Pinterest excels in connecting us to like-minded people > which is one of the most interesting networks of all
  • Put away your device and go out and do some of the things you are discovering!

Great stuff! Now to find time to watch some more videos from this event

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