You Should Try Pageflakes

What do you use for your internet start page?  Does it do what you need it to do? I have a great start page. It is so great that I think you need one just like it. Except not just like it because you will want it to be different.

Pageflakes is one of many variations of personalized homepages.  Maybe you have heard of iGoogle, or Netvibes? Pageflakes is another cousin. It is made up of modules called flakes (iGoogle calls them gadgets). Users pick which flakes to add to their page and how to arrange them. The personalized homepage makes the same content available wherever the user is online.

Pageflakes Screenshot

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Facebook Is Not Church, But

My senior pastor (who does not use facebook) caught me reading “Is Facebook Church?” by Jon Sweeney in the July issue of The Lutheran, and asked me what I thought, so here goes…

Unfortunately, the entire article is only available online by subscription [available here (thanks, Amber)]; but of course there might still be a print copy of The Lutheran around if you haven’t seen it.   In summary, Sweeney compares the authenticity of our facebook relationships with the more superficial relationships we may tend to have with our fellow worshipers on Sunday morning.

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BryanJohn’s Grillworks

Last night we had a wonderful meal at the newish BryanJohn’s GrillWorks at the not-so-new ‘new’ (Wild Marsh) golfcourse.There were eight of us, including children from 8 to 14. We expected it to be good based on past experience at BJ’s Deli, and were not disappointed.

We started with the basket of bread (white and wheat, I particularly liked the wheat) and sharing Bruchetta and Spicy Schezwan Green Beans, both very flavorful. The green beans were about the spiciest thing I’ve eaten in a long time (I’m usually not one for really spicy food), but were strangely good. After that we all needed more bread. A couple of people had the creamy tomato soup which was smooth and sweet.

Atlantic Salmon Filet

Atlantic Salmon Filet

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You Should Try Firefox

When I began thinking about starting a blog a few weeks ago this was going to be my first post . . . followed by some other web tools I love . . . a few other things got in the way, but here it is:

firefoxI gave up Internet Explorer a year ago, maybe more.  I had read about Firefox as an alternate browser in a few places, and figured “it’s free so why not”? Here is why I have kept it as my primary browser:

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Great Northern Bar and Grill

Last night we went out to eat without the kids, quite a treat!    About a week ago we got to day 18 in The Love Dare which demanded a special dinner, my birthday is coming up, and hubby had recently won a gift certificate to the nearby Great Northern Bar & Grill.

We started with Nachos which looked huge.  3-color corn chips, lettuce, tomato, cheese, olives, & green chili peppers with salsa & sour cream on the side.  I think there was some seasoned ground beef in there too, but not much.  They were pretty good, but I guess I prefer the kind where the cheese is melty. Continue reading