Raspberry Truffles

Every year I make a variety of chocolates for Christmas. It started with Cherry Cordials, and now the ‘regular’ assortment has grown to include mocha truffles and dipped turtles. Last weekend I made the batch of cordials (because they need two weeks in the fridge), and this weekend I made the mocha and turtle varieties. This year my daughters both requested I make something with raspberry and dark chocolate …

I have experimented with recipes using preserves before, but this time I wanted a fresher, more fruity result. So, I bought a bag of frozen raspberries, and then started searching for the perfect recipe.  I kept coming back to Raspberry Chocolate Truffles on Using Mainly Spoons, so decided to try making fruit ganache.

I started by microwaving the bag of raspberries in short bursts and then pressing out as much juice as I could, which was about a cup.  In making the ganache, I went with the same proportions I’ve used for years with my Mocha Truffles (1 part cream to 2 parts chocolate).

The centers turned out way too soft to dip the way I had intended, so I went with more of a peanut-butter-cup-style chocolate. They aren’t super attractive, but the flavor is perfect … the girls and think they are amazing, but (more importantly) my husband and son don’t care for them at all.

Definitely worth refining next year! I think I would tweak the ratio of chocolate to fruit in an attempt to get a stiffer ganache that I could dip. And if I did end up doing the cups again I would put one more thin layer of chocolate on the tops for a smoother finish.

Although I thought about it many times, I failed to take any step-by-step  photos. So all I can show you is the finished product.

Raspberry Truffles

Recipe : Raspberry Truffles

1 C raspberry puree (from 1 bag frozen raspberries)
2 oz butter
splash of spiced rum
zest of 1 orange
few drops almond essence
12 oz chocolate chips

I heated the raspberry puree just to a boil with the orange zest and rum. Then I removed it from the heat, fished out the orange zest, and added the butter, almond essence, and chocolate chips. (I noticed later that the Using Mainly Spoons recipe calls for adding the alcohol at the end … not sure if that makes any difference, but will try to remember that next time).

I poured the ganache into a 9×13 pan to cool at room temperature.

At this stage the ganache was somewhat firmed up and I was able to pipe it into tubes using a quart-size freezer bag with the corner snipped off. I put the piped ganache in the freezer, and figured it would be firm enough to cut into pieces and dip in chocolate the next day.

Not exactly. The frozen ganache was still way too gooey to contemplate trying to dip. With a little experimentation I came up with a putzy but workable way to get it into the mini baking cups.

I laid out 90 mini baking cups in two cookie sheets, and melted about 1 bag of chocolate chips in a freezer bag. I piped this much into the bottoms of the cups and used a knife to spread it around a bit to cover the entire bottoms of the cups.

Using a frosting spreader to scrape up dollops of the ganache (about garbonzo-bean size), and my fingers to coax them onto the chocolate bases. I was careful that they didn’t touch the sides of the cups.

Raspberry sauceI had about a cup of ganache left over that I put into a small jelly jar in the freezer … the plan is to use that at some point as a filling between layers of fudgy brownie 🙂 Since I neglected to take a photo of that (and now it is in the freezer), here it is cropped out of the side of one of the photos my younger daughter took yesterday, perhaps it will give you an idea of the consistency.

I then melted another 2 bags of chocolate chips (1 bag of Hersheys special dark + 1 bag of Ghirardelli 60% cacao) in another freezer bag and piped a couple of rings of chocolate around the sides of each cup. This used about half the chocolate in the freezer bag.

To settle everything into the cup I picked up the trays an inch or two and slammed them back onto the table (note: next time warn high school senior who is quietly doing homework in the next room).

Finally I went back and covered the tops with the remaining chocolate, and again banged the trays on the table to smooth the tops.

I let them set up at room temperature for several hours before packing between layers of wax paper in a freezer container.